This Directory of the Teaching of French in Kenya – first of the kind – has as an ambition to take stock on the teaching of French not only in the Kenyan education system, but also in international schools, colleges, universities and the network of Alliance Française in Kenya.

With the integration of Rwanda and Burundi in East African Community, at the beginning of 2007, and the resumption of the exchanges with the Democratic republic of Congo, Kenya is fast opening towards the French-speaking countries of Africa, thus reinforcing the place and demand for the French language.

In Nairobi, the presence of many international organizations where bilingualism is statutory, as well as companies and of NGOs having established their regional base in Kenya covering certain French-speaking countries, has greatly contributed to develop attraction for the language among Kenyan students and working class.

The demand for the training of the French language is vigorous as the many public and private secondary schools and tertiary institutions offering French will testify. In addition, the success of the courses of the Alliance Française of Nairobi – a centre of excellence with more than 4000 students per annum – and the dynamism of its network in country (AF Mombasa, Eldoret and Kisumu) confirms this rise.

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